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This community is dedicated to the very talented actor, Jeremy Northam. heres a bit of biography; Jeremy Northam Date of birth: December 01, 1961 Place of birth: Cambridgeshire, England Category: Actor Nationality: British Currently seen in: The Statement (2003), Jeremy Northam is cinema's quintessential English male. He therefore does rather well in period pieces - he was Mr Knightley to Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma, and had roles in Amistad (1997) and An Ideal Husband (1999). The Misadventures of Margaret (1998) and Gloria (1999) have seen him in a change of century, if not character, but he showed that he could be just as effective as a villain in the cyber-thriller The Net (1995)

Northam Films:
The Visiting (2006) (post-production) .... Tucker The Payback (2006) (post-production) A Cock and Bull Story (2005) .... Mark (Director) ... aka Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (USA) Guy X (2005) .... Lane Woolwrap Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004) .... Walter Hagen The Statement (2003) .... Colonel Roux The Singing Detective (2003) .... Mark Binney Martin and Lewis (2002) (TV) .... Dean Martin Cypher (2002) .... Morgan Sullivan Possession (2002/I) .... Randolph Henry Ash Gosford Park (2001) .... Ivor Novello ... aka Gosford Park (Germany) Enigma (2001) .... Wigram ... aka Enigma - Das Geheimnis (Germany) The Golden Bowl (2000) .... Prince Amerigo ... aka Coupe d'or, La (France) The Winslow Boy (1999) .... Sir Robert 'Bobby' Morton An Ideal Husband (1999) .... Sir Robert Chiltern Gloria (1999) .... Kevin Happy, Texas (1999) .... Harry Sawyer, aka Steven 'Steve' The Misadventures of Margaret (1998) .... Edward Nathan ... aka Folies de Margaret, Les (France) The Tribe (1998) (TV) .... Jamie Amistad (1997) .... Judge Coglin Mimic (1997) .... Dr. Peter Mann Emma (1996) .... Mr. Knightley Voices (1995) .... Philip Heseltine/Peter Warlock ... aka Voices From a Locked Room The Net (1995) .... Jack Devlin Carrington (1995) .... Beacus Penrose A Village Affair (1994) .... Anthony Jordan "Poirot" ... aka Agatha Christie's Poirot (UK: complete title) - Dead Man's Mirror (1993) TV Episode .... Hugo Trent Wuthering Heights (1992) .... Hindley Earnshaw ... aka Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights (USA: complete title) A Fatal Inversion (1992) (TV) .... Rufus Fletcher Soft Top Hard Shoulder (1992) .... John Journey's End (1988) (TV) .... Captain Stanhope "Piece of Cake" (1988) (mini) TV Series .... 'Fitz' Fitzgerald "Wish Me Luck" (1987) TV Series .... Colin Beale Suspicion (1987) (TV) .... Mr. Benson

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[Aug, 26th 12:55pm]

Yo, I'm new. Christy is my name. I've been a Jeremy fan for a while and it was re-sparked the other night when I watched Possession after reading the book. The modern day scenes in the film were horrid, I thought, but Jeremy was just perfect, as was Jennifer Ehle. Anyway, I got inspired, and I bring gifts! Icons and a wallpaper.

[10]Possession (Ash & LaMotte only)

-Credit to kenobi_rose
-Blank icons are NOT bases.


(Under Here!)

Jeremy cast in new US Drama!!! [Mar, 17th 9:12am]

I can't believe that this hasn't been posted yet!! When I saw this story I about passed out. One because we'll have Mr. Northam on a tv show stateside every week and two because part of the show will be filmed right here in Miami,FLA!!!!! Read on my dears....

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Jeremy's Interview for "Dean Spanley" [Sep, 8th 9:46am]

So cute he is....

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Introductory post [Mar, 10th 11:26pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

In accordance to the plea written in the community rules, I'm writing an introductory post. Something I'm not very used to.

Hi, my name is Pikeresque, most people on the net call me Pikes or Pik.
I haven't been a fan of Jeremy Northam for very long at all. In fact, the fandom arose quite suddenly and spontaneously because I listened to the Ivor Novello songs on the Gosford Park soundtrack one too many times and many more times after that. What can I say? He has a very pleasant voice and is the most attractive actor I've been a fan of in the past... two ... three years maybe, which is rather refreshing (Although I will still put Geoffrey Rush up on my list as absolute favourite actor) And apart from Gosford Park, Possession and Emma, I haven't seen any more of his movies. Sad, I know, especially when I'm stuck in a place which has no proper video rental store.

But I have heard poetry read by him. Job well done too. His voice is very pleasant to listen to. If anything I think I'm a fan because of his voice. It must be a weak point for me. I tend to become a fan of many people for their voice, speaking or singing. That's all I have to say. Hi all!

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JN and L [Mar, 2nd 9:15am]

So has anyone here been following the 'Jeremy is married' saga?

I mean, the truth (that he is). There are photos of Jeremy and his wife Liz in the UK edition of InStyle. Clever boy, not to have it come out via gossip.
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[Sep, 13th 5:47pm]

Hey, first post here. I'm Amber, I live in California, and I LUUUVE JNortham. Have for a long time. And as my favorite of his movies is The Winslow Boy and I've never seen icons of it, I present you with a welcome gift...
35 Jeremy Northam/The Winslow Boy icons

Find ze rest at my icon journal-
Do you think so, Miss Winslow? How little you know about men
Hope y'all enjoy!
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Jeremy set to star in "The Tudors" for Showtime [May, 6th 8:55pm]

Such exciting news!!! Perfect casting!!


I *hate* HTML tags! [Mar, 23rd 12:12pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I have tried to make individual lj-cuts six ways from Sunday, and could not do anything more than put a white line between them! I do not have the time to continue. I remember being dependent on a very busy server at college -- I hear you, anonymous, about slow dial ups! Read more...Collapse )


Photobucket take two [Mar, 6th 11:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Ok...here are the albums I have started. When pics are posted on the site I will post them there. If you post pics and dont want me to put them there, let me know. Also, if you want, I'll make albums for your icons (under your screennames of course). If you wish for me to do this...also let me know, otherwise, I wont post any icons.


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Photobucket [Mar, 5th 2:02pm]

This is a test post from Photobucket.com
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Still alive and still loving Northam [Feb, 12th 3:20am]

Wow! It's been one hell of a long time since I posted, although I still stop in from time to time to see if anything is going on and have lately been happy to see some life being breathed into this lifeless place. Thanks so much for sticking it out.

So much has happened since I last posted. I am now living in Ontario...a HUGE move from Texas...and this past Friday...10 February...I got married. We live in a beautiful house on a lake and recently bought a new truck. I'm still not able to work here yet, but, hopefully I will soon.

I have found that getting things done here takes alot more time and effort than in the states. Things that would normally be looked up online (in the US) have to be produced in person here, more often than not. Although I love this country and I am very happy here, I have come to realize things I took for granted back home.

Our cable channels are alot different here, so, many of the channels I had with my old Direct TV, here, are nonexsistent. *cries*
However, I do see alot of Northam still. YAY! Last night I watched Mimic and The Statement comes on quite often, as well as Enigma.

I miss you guys (ok, you girls)! Hopefully I will be able to stop in more often and post. With the stress of moving to another country and getting married...Northam is a breath of fresh air.

See you all very soon.
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Movie Trailer of "Tristram Shandy" [Feb, 6th 9:07am]

Here's a link to the trailer of the movie. Jeremy looks sooo cute!

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[Feb, 5th 10:29am]

I've uploaded the Jeremy song portions from "Gosford Park". They'll be available for for only a few days.

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Time Magazine Review of Cock and Bull Story [Jan, 23rd 10:10am]


Emma icons [Jan, 8th 9:30pm]

So I posted these before, but had to delete them within about a day because of bandwidth issues. Anyway, for those that weren't able to see them earlier, they're back up again! Let the Emma iconning begin...

* Image hosted by Photobucket.com * Image hosted by Photobucket.com * Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More HERE at my icon journal, chords_remind.
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Jeremy October Viewing Schedule [Sep, 27th 7:46pm]

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Press Conference pics!! [Sep, 27th 9:12am]

Pictures from The Visiting press conference
This is courtesy Jeremy Northam fans at Yahoo.


There is a picture of Nicole Kidman with our Jeremy and she seems to have fallen under his spell. Lucky Nicole
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Video of "The Visiting" Press conference [Sep, 27th 9:09am]

Here is the link to Movie Web


You'll see there is a link to Jeremy's interview at the press conference. He looks ever so gorgeous.

Casting call for "The Visisting" [Sep, 23rd 11:51am]

This is from the Cister site on yahoo. Thanks to Cisters member Regina

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Some Jeremy Casting News [Sep, 22nd 4:20pm]

This is from MTV.com

The "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" remake, starring Nicole Kidman, is about to begin production in Washington, D.C., complete with a shiny new title. The sci-fi blockbuster, previously referred to as "Invasion," is now being called "The Visiting." The film, which co-stars Daniel Craig and Jeremy Northam, details a mysterious epidemic that alters human behavior; Kidman plays the psychiatrist who suspects that her son may hold the secret to stopping an ensuing invasion. ...

Yay and Yay....A movie with Nicole Kidman. This is a big dealie kids!!!
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