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Introductory post

In accordance to the plea written in the community rules, I'm writing an introductory post. Something I'm not very used to.

Hi, my name is Pikeresque, most people on the net call me Pikes or Pik.
I haven't been a fan of Jeremy Northam for very long at all. In fact, the fandom arose quite suddenly and spontaneously because I listened to the Ivor Novello songs on the Gosford Park soundtrack one too many times and many more times after that. What can I say? He has a very pleasant voice and is the most attractive actor I've been a fan of in the past... two ... three years maybe, which is rather refreshing (Although I will still put Geoffrey Rush up on my list as absolute favourite actor) And apart from Gosford Park, Possession and Emma, I haven't seen any more of his movies. Sad, I know, especially when I'm stuck in a place which has no proper video rental store.

But I have heard poetry read by him. Job well done too. His voice is very pleasant to listen to. If anything I think I'm a fan because of his voice. It must be a weak point for me. I tend to become a fan of many people for their voice, speaking or singing. That's all I have to say. Hi all!
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